I woke up with a dream in the middle of the night.  A nightmare actually.  What was amazing to me was that I was able to fall asleep again, quickly, but this morning I remembered…

We had moved.  Our first night, displaced, in a cavernous house, and I was missing my home.  In my dream, I awoke to noises, and as I peeked through where I was sleeping I saw people in black robes outside, heads covered, with machine guns pounding the house with bullets.  I saw bullet holes in the outer walls.  And in my dream I knew I was not safe, and that they would show no mercy.

And then I woke up.

We are all affected by terrorism.  By the images we see, and the terrible knowledge that hate and killing and anger seem to have no boundaries.

Beautiful cities like Paris, where people now tread softly, and don’t feel safe.  And places like Lebanon, and Beirut, and Syria, and many places in Africa where violence has become a norm.  And you wonder, how does one live in the midst of war like conditions?  Of never feeling safe?  Of attempting to live normal lives in the midst of constant threats?

I was very touched by one story I read yesterday, posted by my friend, where she shares the story of three women who came upon a piano in Paris, the kind that is there for the public.  And there they began to play, and sing, songs of hope, songs of love, God songs to bring courage. And many joined them to sing.

And perhaps that is how we fight terrorism.  By singing songs, and refusing to hide.  By showing courage.  By fighting with words of kindness, and deeds of love.

I think, with tears, of the young lads, and even girls, indoctrinated with hate.  How can this be prevented?  I believe hate often comes from a wounded heart.  How do we offer healing for those broken hearts?

Perhaps by reaching out to refugees.  By sharing what we have.  By choosing to be a safe place for others.  Fear gives way to anger, and violence.  Love is a much stronger weapon.

Today is a new day.  And even though I might feel despair over the violence in the world, I can be part of the choosing. I was inspired by the quote of Fred Rogers who talks about looking for the kind helpers in the midst of tragedies instead of being afraid.  And I can choose to be a helper, to show kindness, to share love.

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