Dear Lord, Please grant me Wisdom.

King Solomon prayed this prayer, and it is a prayer I need to pray, often.  Today as I thought about it, I put this prayer into words.

I pray for WISDOM.
Wisdom for LIFE.

Wisdom to live well,
in this body God has created for me.

Wisdom to know how to care for myself
as I work
as I eat
as I move
as I rest.

Wisdom in relationships
for those I love,
those closest to me
for those I work with
and play with
and worship with.

I pray for Wisdom
as a citizen of this world
even as I call Heaven my home to be.

I pray for wisdom
to care for the poor
to know how to show mercy
and call for justice for the oppressed.

I pray for Wisdom to be a loving neighbour
in my neighbourhood
in my community
in my country
in the world in which I live.

I pray for Wisdom
God’s wisdom, not my own.
That Wisdom would be a loud voice,
a clear voice…
in a world of many voices
and opinions.

I pray for Wisdom
for how to love
for how to live.
for how to Be.


“How blessed is the man (woman) who finds wisdom.  And the man (and woman) who gains understanding.  For her profit is better than the profit of silver and her gain better than fine gold.” From Proverbs 3


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