I laughed
Youth on my side
Tiddly winks and hop scotch

Music, books
Trust and safety
Weekly roast beef Sunday dinners
Watching papa preach
And dusting ancient pews

This is the stuff
Of my childhood.

Awareness grows
Ideals churn
A romantic heart
Where dreams are birthed
And the teen grows up

Motherhood softens
Ideals sharpen into reality
Little people grow up
With ideas and dreams of their own.

And the child becomes a grandmother.

The stuff of life
Lessons learned
And in some ways

It feels like life has just begun.

I hold brevity in one hand
And new beginnings
Full of hope
In the other.

Both sacred

For today
Is always a gift

A gift
I receive and share
In communion
With the Giver of life
And those who are present.

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