So much of life
Is about letting go
About loosening of control
It starts at birth
The leaving of the
Warm and dark
And mostly
The separation of
The cord that binds
And life in the world begins
Dependent on the care
of others.
We don’t choose our families
Or status
Or colour or country.
We simply are born and trust the hands
That catch us.
Children know it too…
They are dependent
And yet they learn to yearn
For the responsibilities
And so-called freedom
There are times through life
Where we are jolted by
and  we are reminded
We are NOT
In control.
But mostly
There is this tension
Of wanting to work things out
This illusion of orchestration
Where I am the conductor of my symphony
and the author of every line.
I hope to make it better
Ambitions for happiness, health, wealth
All rampant in our culture.
It is the elderly, and sometimes the very sick
Who face again with honesty
…for the most part…
That  life can fade from
Independence to dependence
Sometimes a slow painful journey
Other times a sudden awakening.
And the question remains…
Who is in control?
St. Teresa of Avilla said it well…
Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away,
But God never changes.
God, the creator of life
Is always enough.
Can I relax my life
Into the Creator’s hand?
And practice


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