I’ve been doing some writing recently for the bereaved.

I thought I’d share them here and I welcome your feedback.  Grief is not fresh for me, but I know it well, with the loss of my first husband, and I often think of my mom, gone almost three years.  A year ago my brother-in-law died.

And I visit with many who are grieving.  Sometimes we don’t know what to say.

So I started to write this week, in search of meaningful resources to share with those who grieve.

A Broken Heart

It is the heart that breaks
  deep love
Overwhelmed by sadness

It takes time to heal
  fueled by hope and faith

that the love once shared
will never leave us.

-Grace Wulff  2016

A Fine Line

There is a fine line

  between heartfelt sympathy
     and understanding

  between wishes well-meant
    and pain that is shared

Those who’ve know the
      of grief
who have learned to live
   with scars

Offer hope.
Not of an easy path.
but the gift
  of companionship.

-Grace Wulff  2016

Hang on to Hope

There are some things
  which cannot be fixed.

  sometimes the present reality
   seems too much to bear.

Hang on
   to Hope.
It is the key
to a new

It takes time to get there
with gifts of
kindness and compassion
  you give
    to yourself.

-Grace Wulff  2016

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