It has been a memorable week in our family, and for me personally.

It started off with some wonderful news. It was with prayer and anticipation we waited on Tuesday… for baby news!  And we were thrilled when we heard that our eighth grandchild, little Hudson Rivard was born Tuesday evening, close to Washington, DC.  He is the son of our eldest son Steven, his lovely wife Meggan whose birthday happens to be today, and a little brother to Andrew.

And we are thrilled for them.  I will see them soon… at the end of the month!

It has been wonderful to rejoice, even as we feel the distance from them, and wish we could be closer to help!

And in the midst of this, I was preparing for a very big event in my life on Friday as I was to stand before an Ordination Council with the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.  The Council was held in Vancouver, at the Carey Center on the UBC Campus.

As I went to pack on Wednesday night, I ran downstairs to grab my suitcase, to hear an ominous drip drip drip… and realized rather quickly that our hot water tank had chosen this week to retire.

I quickly turned off water, and was thankful my hubby arrived home moments later, and a flood was averted.  After a good cry and feeling rather sorry for myself that I couldn’t have my hot bath, I realized there was much to be thankful for…

I don’t go down there often… but I needed the suitcase.  We were going to be away… but I discovered it before I left… we were able to call the plumber JUST at closing time and he promised to come first thing in the morning…. and my hubby was off Thursday morning while I attended a ministry event and was able to be present when the plumber came.  So yes… thankful on many counts.  Maybe not so much for the bill, but the tank did give us almost 13 years of service.  ðŸ™‚

And I did realize that with so many facing huge losses with the forest fires in Alberta, this was a very small inconvenience.

So on Friday….

It was probably one of the most meaningful and challenging events I have  participated in, and I was filled with gratefulness for everyone who prayed and supported me as I stood before this Ordination Council.  It has been the culmination of God’s gentle leading, and feeling very called to Chaplaincy ministry. Lots of study and prayer.  And I am incredibly grateful for all who have stood with me and encouraged me on this journey.

And yes… I passed the examination.  Relief!!  And much gratefulness.

My verse for that day was:  “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”  Such an encouragement…
  (2 Cor 12:9)

So thank you to those who prayed… those who were present with us, and those who rejoiced with us this week!  I am especially thankful for my church family (some of whom were there!) and dear friends who have prayed.  And it was also very special to have my Dad and sister Val present as well as my hubby Steve, who has stood with me with his faithful support.

 And for those who are interested there will be a service of Ordination on May 22 in the afternoon.  You can pm me for details.

And what to call me?  Grandma Grace of course… or GG will do too.  ðŸ™‚

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