I’ve been thinking this week about simple things… things that really make me happy.

Life can be hard, and challenges come with most days.  But in the midst of it all… there is always something to make one smile.

So I wanted to create a list for me… and perhaps you’ll be inspired as well.

What makes me Happy!:

A fresh strawberry, right out of my own little patch.  Nothing like it!

A sea of lavender, and a bouquet picked, brightens my day.

Yesterday, first fruits from the vegetables… and we had salad, our first… lettuce and radishes, and wonderful dill to go with the creamed sauce I made from fresh new potatoes from the store.  Fabulous!

It was a wonderful feeling to hold my newborn grandson… so many miles away.  To meet these little people in person makes me very happy.

And then a lovely phone call with two of my other grandchildren… having serious conversations about airplanes and Dog Patrol (if you are a grandma, you will understand), and these conversations bring me much happiness.

But it was also wonderful to hear those airplane wheels touch down on home soil… after six take-offs and landings… and some scary moments.  How happy I was to be home again, and give my hubby a great big hug.

Birds make me happy, their cheerful songs and playful fly-bys.  They brighten our world.

I came home to mail… sweet cards from friends… words of encouragement, affirmation… such sweetness.  This made me very happy… and inspires me to write those notes to others…!

Challenges will always be.  But I was inspired again to name the things that make me happy.  Too many to count…  What’s on your list?

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