Once upon a time, well actually a short time ago, there was a little prince who embarked on a big adventure.

He went with his mommy, and his grandma on a big airplane, and his brothers and sister all wished they could go too.

And he was pretty excited to see his auntie, who was graduating at the big university in our province’s capital.

Well, at least we thought he was excited, but he fell asleep on the plane.  Actually this was a good thing.

He wore his special slippers for the occasion.  They weren’t glass or anything, but they meant a lot to his mom who had picked them out when she found out he was coming into this world.

And so when we were taking lots of pictures to celebrate the big event, we were all dismayed when… one slipper was missing.

We looked and looked, and retraced our steps, and even looked at some of the pictures we took… and we saw when he had both on…and then looked at some pictures where it was missing.  It was a big mystery.

And we looked and we looked some more, but we couldn’t find the lost slipper.
But it wasn’t until that evening, when the little prince was safely snug in his own bed after a long trip home, and his auntie looked closely at this picture….
It took me a while to locate it, but if you look closely… you will see it…
Of course, by this time it is night, but his auntie went and looked the next morning and found a very soggy slipper, floating in the pool by the fountain. Which she dutifully washed and dried…  We were so glad she found it!!
So the moral of this story is….
Well, there really isn’t one… except maybe…
A picture is worth a thousand words… and can help you find things?
Memories are worth making, and how happy we were to share our day together.
With two sisters, one marking a very wonderful milestone, 
a happy baby and a blessed Grandma/mom.

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