It was one of those beautiful fall Saturdays, the sun shone blue, and many of the leaves on the trees hanging on, colouring the world around us.  

There are always many things calling my name, including garden clean up and laundry, but my hubby thought we shouldn’t waste the beauty and suggested a ride in the country.  He is often right about things like that!  
So we went, enjoying the country side, pumpkin patches, trees in various stages of colour and loss, enjoying our conversation, and taking pictures.  We even took a little walk in our local cemetery where my mother is buried.  It is spectacular this time of year with huge trees towering over the grounds.

I’ve been thinking about beauty today, this gift of the Creator.
This, in the midst of weariness, for if you look for it, there is also heartache around.  I, for one, am election weary, and sense that many are stressed about many things happening in our world.
For many, that is the least of their worries, as they struggle through health challenges, deep grief and the troubles of life.
The seasons, and particularly the trees are good teachers on life.
My ponderings today:
The world is beautiful
This late in October day
And coloured trees dot my landscape

If I look down
rotting leaves abound
covering streets and allies
some mushed brown
sunk back into the earth.

I can choose where to look.

Can I turn off the screen
Shut off the noise
And drink in the beauty?

Can I look up into a canopy of leaves
drink in the beauty of the sky
take in ever-changing scenery
all around me?
At least it deserves equal time
really, much more
for it feeds a 
weary soul.  

This is the renewable
History marches by

but beauty remains
and the promise of
new seasons
springs hope within the heart.

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