I don’t need
   to be scared.

I seem to manage
 without the chills
(and for some the thrills)
  that come this time of year.

Just this morning
A big black spider
  the size of a Truck
(we have a lot of toy trucks around here)
appeared out of
and attached itself
    on my ceiling.

Thankfully, my patient hubby
 rescued me
but I was shaken,
  none the less.

Why is it (on another subject)
  that my darling grandchildren
think it is the best game
  to SCARE me?
They become dinosaurs,
and ROAR!!!

I am flattened
  with apparent fright
which is greeted by
 uproarious laughter.

(Grandmothers ARE amusing, it seems).

There are many things
  that send a chill or shiver
Real things like
Politics for one,
   Germs this time of year
      Threats of violence
and our world doesn’t feel safe at all.

I calm myself and remember the ancient words
“Be Not Afraid.”

Good words for scary times.
Good words for every day!

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