This time of year I find myself looking for resources for Christmas events and services, and I have created some of my own.  It seems like a good time to share them!

Sometimes I just like to write about the weather!  🙂
Us Canadians are good at that, it is a common theme and topic for our conversations.  And right now, it is very very cold.

So I wrote this:

On a Cold December Morning

We wake in the dark
Early winter morning

As we stare out the windows
Christmas lights blinking
in the shadowed
vapoured mist.

Frost creeping
up those windows

and darkness fades
to muted light
through clouded panes
of glass.

A world of greys
   and shades of blue
with glimmering sparkles
of Christmas

It’s cold.
We dress in layers
Wrapping up
Insulating against
 the bite
      of winter.

A snug inside day
Hot steamy drinks
And the warm glow
  of the fireplace
Cookies in the oven
 and the inviting smells
of Christmas.

these are the moments
  that make memories
warm and dry
  on a cold
Canadian December day.

– Grace Wulff 2016

I wrote this next short poem last year and it is part of my new little booklet: Poetry for the Heart, inspired by the Seasons.

Christmas Comes

In all the hurrying
In all the scurrying
For some even the worrying
   Christmas comes.

Right on time.

And as I let go
And shift
From the doing

To the being.

Enjoying the moments
cherishing each one
who enriches our lives.

May the love of Christmas
The hope of Christmas
Bring you peace and joy.

-Grace Wulff 2015

And the last poem I will share here is one I wrote for a Christmas Service:

A Not so Merry Christmas

They say “Merry Christmas”
but not all is so bright
somewhere there are soldiers in terrible plight
somewhere there is a child who is hungry and cold
And doesn’t know Christmas the way it is told.
There are those who are grieving someone who has died
And the empty space in their hearts cannot be denied
Oh they say “Merry Christmas”
but not all are well,
For those who are sick, in body and soul
Christmas can definitely take a great toll.
And yet, if you think to that first Christmas morn
Not all was that merry before Christ was born.
Mary and Joseph a long journey to take
A baby was coming, much was at stake
No room to be found, no comforts of home
The Christ child was born in the midst of a barn
The mystery of Christmas, that God would be man
Could Mary and Joseph really understand?
We look back to that Christmas with awe and with wonder
And like Mary, we stop and we ponder
Perhaps the true Christmas begins in the heart
Not always merry, but where hope finds its start
There is hope in the Christ child,
And faith, peace and love
May the true spirit of Christmas

Touch us from above.

  –Grace Wulff  December 24 2011

If you resonate with these poems you are welcome to use them.  I do appreciate that you acknowledge the author and let me know how you have used them.. 

I have blogged pretty regularly once a week, but will take a break now until the new year.  So if you receive these posts, I want to extend my warmest greetings through this Christmas Season, and may the warmth and light and love that God brings be very close to you this coming year!

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