It is overrated

At least I tell that
To my tired body
When my mind refuses
to shut down.

Oh, I’ve tried all the
Chamomile tea
hot milk
essential oils
I have an arsenal!

I know I’m not
I’ve heard the stories

But in the dark hours of
The night
It’s just me
And my thoughts

Night sounds
Drift through
I hear traffic
The distant howl
Of the coyotes
And the quiet
of the wind.

I play games
In my mind
Working through
The alphabet
Finding words of gratitude

And then I think
What a better time to

I pray for those
In hospital
Those in pain
physical or mental

I pray for the helpers
working through
night hours
Nurses, paramedics
And others who take care of our world
In the night.

I pray for those who rise early
Truck drivers
Newspaper carriers
Those we take for granted
In our daily rhythms

I pray for my grand babies
And imagine them
Heavy in sleep
Curled up in their little beds
And pray for their parents
Who wake with them
At moments
(Too many I often hear!)
Through the night…

I give thanks for my warm bed
My slumbering husband
My safe house

And often
I find myself
Awake from sleep
I did it!
Grateful another day
has begun.

“I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel, 
and in the night watches he instructs my heart. “
Psalm 16:6

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