Do you ever have the kind of day that your body and mind just want to shut down… and you wanted to escape it all?   I have a feeling I’m not alone, but that is how I felt today, weary to the bone, in spirit and my body too…

And the amusing thing was I was going to joyfully write about Gratitude!  For this was the next word on my list of words for the Lent season.

Days like this, we choose life, and take a lot of rest!  Cheerful friends encouraged me, and getting some care from the doctor helped too…and I thought about what I was grateful for on this pilgrimage of Lent, where I am posting these words, week by week.

Give thanks in ALL things… so the Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians.  And truly, this has been a wonderful thing for me, each day, to write what I am thankful for, what brings me joy.

Lately, it has been the robin, faithful each morning, greeting the new day and heralding that spring is really, truly here.  Even if it is a little cold outside!

It has been a deep awareness of how much I am loved…. by the One who created me, and God watches over us. And how God loves each one of us.

I’m thankful for precious family, dear caring friends, a wonderful work environment, and the list is far too long for a blog on gratitude.

And yet, we can have difficult days, as I did today… and then a miracle happened.  I came home, weary and we had a late dinner.  And the phone rang… and this person who knew nothing of my circumstances, of my day, proceeded to tell me how God cared for what was going on my life… and He was providing me the strength to carry on.  How I needed those words of encouragement!

And I was overflowing with gratitude for God’s provision through someone who listened to His voice and took the time to phone and encourage me.

Some years ago I was profoundly moved by a book by Ann Voscamp called One Thousand Gifts.  It is a book all about practicing gratitude every day, an awareness of all God has provided for us.  It is a wonderful read.  This past week I posted one of Ann’s quotes, where she says: “Being joyful isn’t what makes you grateful.  Being grateful is what makes you joyful”.  There is truth in that, don’t you think?

Week Four of the Lent Journey – all about gratitude!  Thank you for sharing these thoughts with me.

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