So there wasn’t the plan to write a blog today.

But sometimes the words come, burning inside and wishing to be written.  And the thoughts will spill into words – words that might resonate, or not.

There is no lack of news these days in the political realm.  In BC, our election has dragged on, too close to count, and now we are faced with a coalition challenging the minority government.

Whatever your take, or personal preference, or party affiliation, there are no winners here.  Or could there be?

I was so interested in a newspaper story in our own Vernon Morning Star which highlighted a group of primary age children who were “practicing” to vote during the provincial election.  They became educated on issues and learned how elections worked in our province.

They, like all of us, had differing opinions about who they thought might be our best government leaders.

But what struck me the most was one child’s observation of a debate she had watched, and had asked… why are the adults fighting?

Why indeed?

We preach against bullying, but it is all too evident in the bashing, the put-down ads, in the debates.  In my mind, it is completely disgraceful, and a bad example to our children and grandchildren.

So I have not been completely dismayed as some are at this election outcome.  In my hopeful mind, I think, isn’t this an opportunity?  An opportunity to work together for the good of all?  I realize this is a highly unrealistic idea, but it is something I long for.

If governments and parties work together, we all win.

And then there is the Paris Accord…

As the leader to the south pulled out, I know he angered many of the world’s leaders, and many leaders from his own nation.  I feel the need to speak out, a small voice, but an angry one.

When do we start taking ownership for taking care of the earth, the beautiful earth God has given us to live in?  What about future generations who will suffer if we don’t do the right thing?

And I know I am far from understanding the whole picture, but we can all do our part.  So we can recycle, and use less plastic, and live simpler lives.  (Yes, I’m preaching to the choir).  We can be good neighbours, and care for the poor.  We can avoid pesticides and plant bee-friendly plants.  We can support local farmers and grow our own food as we are able.  We can encourage our leaders to make good decisions.  We can even choose to invest in those who have good environmental policies.   Oh, there is much to do…

And in all I do, I ask myself… am I a good steward of what God has allowed me to have?  Am I a good citizen, and do I reach out to the poor, the refugee, the sick?

There is no room for selfishness, for protecting ourselves over the needs of others, for bullying.  I often pray, Lord, can I be part of the solution, not part of the problem?  May God give us wisdom, love for others, and a deep concern for the earth which we have inherited and will be stewards of, for the next generation.

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