Returning to roots!

This past week I’ve returned to my childhood home.
Scenes from my childhood bring memories I have not visited in sometime.
I grew up in Harrison Hot Springs, Idyllic , romantic, and full of normal challenges like everywhere else. It is the place of my roots, my first kiss, my first job, And all the awkwardness of a merging into adulthood.

One can keep growing up, all through one’s life, stretching, renewing, and even unlearning. 
In my fifties there have been more questions than answers. Gone is any smugness of certitude, but new levels of trust. And knowing I’m loved beyond measure, we all are. 
This week I’ve returned to Bowen Island, a place where I have spiritual roots. Once again, things are stirred up, questions asked. And a sense of coming home. 
Roots are good.
Nourishment is good. 
Life is precious. 

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