I love a good Farmers Market. 
Homegrown vegetables, fruit and other homespun creations warm my heart. I go as often as I can, taking in the sights and sounds and even the smells… it enriches my life. 
I don’t take for granted the work behind the market.  The long hours in the fields, the bakers rising early to prepare their wares, and then the packaging, delivering, presenting, in all kinds of weather. 

I’ve been involved in a marketing adventure recently. Because I am one of 55 authors who have a work published in an anthology, we are celebrating the book release of  Christmas with Hot Apple Cider this week!
It has been exciting for me to be part of such a lovely project and I have enjoyed reading all of this book. The contributors are a varied group of lovely Canadians all sharing Christmas spirit through stories and poetry. 
The first time I wrote a book I went to my brother for advice, since he has a marketing degree and had a written a book himself. I never forgot what he said.. He shared with me that the writing was the easy part!
Then there is the production of the book, which has many facets.  Nowadays many authors are self published, and our online world has changed the way we read and assimilate information. 
I’ve spent countless hours with my son who has helped me to produce work that looks appealing and professional. It is a lot of hard work. 
The most challenging part, though, my brother said, was the marketing. And I have found that to be very true. It would be much easier (for me) to give it all away. 
I was reminding myself this week that I don’t expect the farmer to give away his or her produce.  And the thought occurred to me that the farmer might also get more joy out of growing things then trying to sell them!
So how does one create space for a marketplace for things like art, music and books?
If you are still with me 😊, I have been on a sharp learning curve as I observe the very hard work of the editors of this anthology as they market this book. They make it fun. And as I enter into this week, I will also invite you to join the Facebook launch party as you are able. You could even win prizes!  
I’m also learning a great deal about the Internet and Facebook practices. I will confess here I really like things that are free!  I recently stopped playing a word game because I just couldn’t stand the ads. They were long and loud and bothered me. But I get it… somebody needs to make some money for providing this service. 
I made a conscious decision some years back not to have ads on this blog page. One reason is that I was concerned I wouldn’t always endorse their content. I was happy to share my thoughts if people wanted to take the time to read them. And I’ve been so honoured by the kind feedback I’ve received. 
More than once when I was ready to set down my pen, someone has come to me and told me not to stop writing. What an encouraging word that has been, and has felt God-sent at times. 
Another interesting fact I learned about Facebook recently is you wish to follow someone, or a page, just “liking” it (which is great) does not necessarily mean you will always see those posts in your news feed. But if you tap and hold on the “following” button on the right hand side of a page you wish to follow, you can choose an option to “see first”, for up to 30 pages. And if you don’t wish to follow, you have that option too!!
So… there is the market story. I’m much more comfortable at the Farmers market chatting it up with my favourite farmer. But here I am, marketing a wonderful product, a lovely gift.  I’ve revamped my website  (well, I hired a lovely lady to help with that), 
I’m ready to share my wares. 
You’ll find information about the book and other resources at on my official web page.

I also welcome you to join me on my Facebook page Grace Notes, Thoughts and Prayers, and “like” it if you have not already done so!  There you will find information about this week’s book launch party, as well as encouraging thoughts, prayers and art.

You can also visit the Hot Apple Cider Books official page and get updates from the editors themselves. 

Thank you to those who read.  Thank you for your feedback, your encouragement, and helpful ideas.  Happy October!

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