Unattainable in our world?

I’m still hanging on to hope, and with that hope
can I cultivate
the seed of peace?

I’ve been thinking about the gifts we bring, and I have always loved gift-giving.
When I was a young girl, one of my favourite Christmases was wrapping little gifts for everyone and hanging them on the Christmas tree. 

This gift giving and the hanging of gifts, even as a young teen, was symbolic of my faith… Jesus, who I loved, had given the gift of life, of love, and had “hung” on a tree… this ultimate gift-giving impacted my soul. 

Now, as a grown-up, I love that I can “give” the gift of words, or simple drawings to express my faith. 

I love the advent words, the words we focus on during this waiting season.  They too are gifts we can give to one another.

So many people need the gift of hope.  I know I do some days, when things seem hard.  And then someone gives me a loving hug, or a word of encouragement, and hope renews my soul, quickens my step.

We will enter the second week of advent with the gift of peace.  And yes, some days it seems unattainable.  But the choice to be a peacemaker, to live peaceably, to give the gift of peace is always mine to give. 

I’ve been drawing about peace, and ended up with two little pieces.  The first one depicts a globe, and the image of being held by God.  There is that hope of peace, peace that surpasses our understanding.  That is the kind of peace that produces calm in the storm, and brings quiet to the troubled heart.

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