The New Year has begun.

Full of possibilities, choices, and events we cannot control.  Life is an adventure.

Last year I chose the word “JOY” for my reflections in 2017, and it was good for me!  It was good to keep coming back to it… to choose joy in the midst of all kinds of circumstances and feelings.  My work there isn’t done!

I wasn’t thinking too hard about my word for 2018, but the word found me.  Does that ever happen to you?  There is a moment of clarity, and you realize… that’s it!  That is what God has for me to learn and experience this coming year.  And so I’ve embraced this new word:  Freedom!

I found this lovely verse after reflecting on Freedom, and it comes from Psalm 119:45 which says “And I will life a life of freedom because I pursue Your precepts.”.

As a follower of Christ… and I like that phrasing… because it pictures a journey where I am not complete... I enter into this path of discovery and learning, as I follow my Creator.  The word “Christian”, which is a good word after all, has become tarnished, and we have to acknowledge the woundedness of many who have been deeply hurt by those who call themselves Christian.

There is freedom in knowing we have not arrived, we don’t have all the answers, we too are seekers of the truth.  And as we listen to one another and hear our stories, we encourage each other on this path to Life and freedom.

I’ll be thinking about what pursuing the precepts of God looks like.  Creating space and time to sit with God are important values I want to keep working on.  Sometimes this is as simple as acknowledging our Creator in all things.  I have been in awe of the moon lately, and as I gaze into the sky, I am so aware that we are not alone, that our Creator dwells among us.  Reminders are everywhere.

As I move into this new year, thankful for each new day, I pondered what freedom would mean for me.  And several things came to mind.  Freedom from worry, freedom to be me, freedom to serve.  Freedom to be okay with the changes that aging brings.  One things about these things as I enter a new decade!

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, too often they disintegrate, and with that comes disillusionment and guilt.  Although, like many, I like the idea of a fresh start.  I love the idea of a word to focus on, that is a constant reminder of where I want to be. 

What would your word be for 2018?

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