Creating art, or doodling in my case, is a great teacher.

I set out to create a snowflake and I’m having a great deal of enjoyment of using white ink on black paper.  The trick is I have not found an erasable white pencil to create an outline, so I have to trust I’ll get it right the first time.  I set my pen to paper and do my best.

Perfection never happens.

If you look closely, there are all kinds of imperfections.  That is, if you wanted it to be exactly even on both sides or symmetrical from every angle. 

I was thinking about that, and remembered something about the human face.  It is not the same on both sides.  So interesting.

I looked up an interesting study – you can check it out here – that showed what would happen if you took a mirror image of your left or right side… and it is true that you would look very different if both sides were exactly the same.

What we might think of as flaws or imperfections are all part of our Creator’s unique design.  If you do studies on images of snowflakes – and we know this – they are all unique as well, and not always symmetrical. 

We don’t live in a cookie cutter world. 

What if our voices were all the same?  I was thinking about the richness of voice as we sang the other day; the bright sopranos, the rich tenors, the voices clear and loud. Others joined in with praise, and perhaps their voices wouldn’t make the audition cut, but does it really matter?  Each voice is unique in its own way.  Our voices are a wondrous thing, we don’t think much about it.  But they enable us to communicate, and the lilt and tone, and volume is unique to each individual.   

We get so excited when a little child finds his or her words!  Our two year old grandson is finding his, and it is a delight.  Of course my favourite word is “Grandma”, it just melts my heart when he says “my name”.  His favourite word right now when we are around is “Grandpa”, and that makes someone else quite happy!

The rich diversity of all we experience, from the variety of all we eat… and is any apple identical to another?… to the beauty of plants and sea and sky, and all living creatures. it never ceases to amaze me.  I think it is good to get lost in the wonder of it all.

There is a verse in the gospel of John which says “through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made”. John 1:3.  

I love the fact that we are created, loved and unique, all gifts we can be thankful for and that fill us with wonder.  These are thoughts I want to ponder this week.

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