The best entertainment of this season has been provided by the birds.

A couple of years ago, my hubby built this bird feeder and for a while, it decorated our front garden and just sat there, waiting for business.

That has all changed.

The birds have come, and any given hour of every day there is group of birds hopping from the rose bushes to the porch, eating their fill.  We’ve had up to five or six on there at a time.

Bird fights have broken out as they fight for their spot. and this is highly amusing.  Not so funny was the couple of times a hawk swooped in and I don’t think he was looking for bird seed.

No, there was an immediate scattering of little wings, seeking shelter.

We even had a buck come visit there, it was quite a shock to see him outside our front window.  I couldn’t figure out what he wanted to eat, but when he helped himself to my rose bushes I opened the door and scared him off.  Enough is enough!

I’d like to show you some pictures of these birds, but they are skittish.  I sat one day, phone-camera in my hand, next to the window.  I was as still as you can be. I sat there for a long time.   But they sensed me, and refused to feed.

This is my best effort, and I know it is not a good picture.  What I need is a remote controlled camera with a tripod.  In my future!

My hubby mentioned it is too bad they don’t cooperate for the ones who feed them.

That made me think of how we live our lives… flitting about, taking so much for granted.  It brings me back to my Source, the source of life, of all good things, of wonderful food and provision in so many ways.

It’s always time to give thanks, and today I’m especially thankful for these winter birds and the joy they have brought to our life.

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