I decided to bake this morning.  I had some unexpected free time, and I plunged in, smashing bananas, measuring and sifting flour…

It wasn’t the greatest idea.

If I had a twitter account (I don’t) it would look like this:  #bakingfail #forgotmyMennoniteroots #wasteofgood ingredients

I used to bake a lot.  I baked for my children, I baked for their friends, I baked for ambulance attendants (when my husband worked as a paramedic), I even baked for the school lunch program. 

But life changes…. I no longer have white flour in my house, nor do I have white sugar… healthy choices have created purges…

My hubby sometimes says… why can’t eating healthy taste good?  I think my children echo that at times… so I keep on trying… 

Last week I wrote about planning… prayerfully.

We all have just so many resources, and the energy part seems to dwindle as one ages.  So there are choices to be made.  How do I spend my time?  Can I be flexible… even with my expectations?  I might have been super-mom way back then, I have different priorities now.  I’m not sure baking should be one of them…:-)

Years ago, when I was starting a job at a busy church, a wise woman came to me on my first day with some encouragement.  I’ll never forget what she said to me.  She told me the interruptions were to be embraced, they often were the most important work of all. 

I thought of this last week when I was at work, and I loosely plan my mornings, with time for hospital visits which are always high priority, and time for paperwork and other connections.  I never did see the patient I had noted on my pad… instead I found myself having a meaningful conversation with a staff person that was not scheduled… but felt so important.  I was guided by another staff person to someone who was dying, and those were precious moments as I entered into their life story.  I had to enter into what I call “God-appointments”.  They are the best of all!

A long time ago, when I was a foster mom… in those “super-mom” days, a older friend said to me… “you are like an elastic!”  I stared at her, not comprehending.  She laughed and said I was stretching, adjusting my life to include other children…as well as take care of my own.  We were an emergency home for foster care for almost seven years, taking in over 100 children on a short-term basis.  I loved it.

Back to now… It is easy to become rigid with my time, or hard on myself with expectations. My mind is full of good ideas, my body doesn’t always keep up!   It is a good question to ask… can I be flexible, and adjust well to life’s changes? 

Part of this… and this really hits home… is accepting changes that come with aging.  I don’t have as much energy as I used to.  Can I balance that fact with a commitment to take care of myself, to exercise, to eat well, to rest? 

Perhaps part of that will be to find a healthy bakery…or just eat more fruit and vegetables.   And to be thankful for all my blessings!

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