I’ve been spending time with the wonderful story of the Red Sea miracle told in the book of Exodus.  This is a miracle of epic proportions.  In fact I’ll be speaking on this story this coming week, if you are in the Vernon area, part of our Lent Eccumenical series.  (Wednesday, 2 pm, at 1st Baptist Church).

It is a story which puts us in awe of what God can do.  To think God can part the Red Sea to make a way of escape, gives us faith that our Creator can also provide for us.

But what struck me last week as I moved about the hospital in my work as a chaplain, was how God cares about the little things.

I’ve been doing this long enough to recognize God’s hand in so many ways, leading my steps.

Last Wednesday was a busy day, and I got there early… and there was a beautiful young women in the lobby, who I’ve had the opportunity to visit many times.  She was waiting for a ride.  Our conversation was meaningful, her diagnosis not an easy one to bear.  I saw it as a “God-appointment”.  During that interlude, before I ever got to my office, I met two other people I knew… and was so glad we could have conversation.

Earlier in the week, I had been given the gift of little pockets made from greeting cards, much like the Christmas Card stockings we make every year.  But these were for everyday, and lovingly stitched.  And I wondered… how would I use them?

I looked in my filing cabinet, and spied two lip balms I had not given out at Christmas time.  Yes, they fit into the little pockets!  So I put them in my bag as I started my visitation.

The first visit was to a friend who had been in hospital for a week… and I said, I have something for you!  I gave her the little gift… and to my amazement, it was exactly what she needed!  She had asked her husband to bring one, and he had forgotten… and before we carried on our conversation, she applied it, grateful.

And we were both amazed by God’s provision… it was a little thing, and yet I believe with all my heart that God cared about her need in the midst of what she was going through.

I also became aware of another women who was in hospital that day, one I have visited often.  I happened to know she loved a certain Disney character, and in the midst of her life challenges, this brought her joy.  I wasn’t thinking about that though, on this busy morning, but happened to go to my storage area where I keep all kinds of materials, and prayer shawls and quilts.

There on the counter was a quilt… one I had neglected to put away days before.  The quilt had a disney character on it… and I realized at that moment… it was exactly what this woman loved.

I knew then I was to bring it to her, and I marvelled how God would put it in my path at that moment, because I was certainly not thinking about it, or even intending to bring her a quilt.

We talked together, she and I, about how God cares for the little things… and I believe that our Creator cares so deeply that there are reminders… beautiful reminders that God IS with us… even in suffering.

We are not alone.

These stories encourage me greatly and I pray they will encourage you as well.  The God who flung the stars in place, who created our beautiful world… the God who created a pathway through a sea to rescue the people of Israel – this God also cares deeply for you and me.  How awesome is that?

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