I had some time last Thursday and did one of my favourite things – visit our local Farmer’s Market!

Strawberries were everywhere – tis the season!  When I was a girl, this was a big deal, strawberries were not available year round as they are now.  We live in plenty, and when we go to the grocery store, we have become accustomed to having most things accessible – most of the time.

But there is nothing like a strawberry picked fresh, in season; the taste is incredible.  I have a few plants in my garden, just enough for a taste.  It is delightful!

I picked this little handful last week, along with fresh lavender close by.

In my journal list I have written:  Pick lavender!  Every day if you can…!  In a few short weeks, this season is done, and it seems this time of year the seasons rush by, and if I don’t take the time to savour it, it is gone.

During asparagus season we eat a lot of asparagus… but it takes planning to find local sources, to go to the market, and before you know it the season has passed by.

So last week, at the market, I splurged and bought a flat of strawberries… I knew that time would not allow me to go picking.  I froze a pile, and we have been eating them every day… on porridge, on yogurt, on icecream!  Tonight they might find their way into my salad.  So very yummy.

I have been working on a series “Quotes to live by”, and thought about that old Latin saying:  Carpe Diem… Seize the Day!  So today I will pick some lavender (and hang it to dry), eat some strawberries, smell some roses, breathe in deeply some fresh air, and take time to gaze at the beauty around me.

Enjoy this precious day!

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