I am Canadian.

My country is not perfect – like countries around the world.  Although we are very good at comparisons;  you hear about those rankings on the news… where is the best place to live?  Where is the safest? 

Canada ranks pretty high on most counts.

We are young, we are still growing up.  We have yet to learn to live well with our Indigenous neighbours and kin.  We have some healing to do.  We struggle with the refuge crisis. Yet there are so many good people here.  Striving to get along, to be good neighbours, to help the disenfranchised, to create a safe place for us all to live.

Lots of good things are said about us.  That we are polite.  (I’m not so sure, when I read some facebook comments).  That we are welcoming. 

We do like to complain.  About the weather for one, and I’ll raise my hand here.  No wonder so many escape to warmer climes in the winter.  Others embrace the cold, and I admire them.

We complain about politics.  And politicians.  And yet we are so blessed.  I am blessed to work in the healthcare system, with all it’s bureaucracies.  There are challenges for those who manage it, and those who work within it, and yet I find myself grateful for the healthcare we receive, for access to clean hospitals, for dedicated nurses, support staff and doctors.  There is no end of things to be grateful for.

Oh yes, there things that deeply trouble me about Canada.   I ponder some of the decisions by law-makers and my heart is sad.  I am compelled to pray, to have meaningful discussions, to speak out.  We all have a voice.

We all have a choice to make a difference – to love our neighbour, to help those who need a hand, to take care of the beautiful land entrusted to us.  This weekend we celebrate our country! 

Grateful to be a Canadian – Happy Birthday, Canada!

I usually write on Tuesdays but am taking a two week break.  Happy summer!

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