It started with a walk with my grandsons some years ago now; my hubby and I had taken them on a wagon ride in our neighbourhood and at the end of the street, there is a deep gully and magnificent views of the lake and hills.

“Are we at the end of the world?” the oldest one asked.  In his four year old eyes, it certainly seemed that way. 

So the end of the world it became, and we have taken many wagon rides with them enjoying the world of imagination.  I even wrote a little book for them about it, complete with pictures. 

The story is about the little green wagon and how it finds the end of the world.  Of course all the grandchildren want to go, but some live far away. 

This past week two more little grandchildren got to see the end of the world.  They live far away and it was so wonderful to have them here.  The littlest one wasn’t even born when I wrote the story. 

“Would you like to go to the end of the world”, I asked the five year old?  I showed him the book.  “Oh, we have that book,” he said!”  Well of course, I had sent it to them!  But now we dusted off the green wagon and with their daddy’s help navigated our way to the end of the world.  So much fun!!

This spring we took three of our grandchildren on another walk on the hills behind our place, and as we climbed, I casually mentioned we might be now going to the top of the world.  Another place of imagination!  
I walked there myself today… the views from up there always stun me; the everchanging cloud formations, the birds soaring overhead, the grasses dancing in the mid-summer heat, the lakes shimmering below.  
It fills me with gratefulness.  And even though I can jest with the little ones that we are on top of the world, I’m also taken in with the vastness of God’s beauty, the depth of the skies, the beauty as far as I can see.  And I know this is just a small corner of the world, and an even smaller corner in the vastness of the universe.  
And yet I am seen… and loved… by the Creator who made it all.  “I’m on the top of the world” goes that Carpenter song… yes that is true. Wherever I am, the One who made me is there too.  There is so much comfort in that thought.  

from the “top” of my world, August 8, 2018

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