The September moon was stunning last night.

My iphone camera cannot do it justice, but I’m sure there are many beautiful pictures captured that will be posted today.

What is it with the moon that evokes such emotion?  My hubby and I love to stare at the moon, there is romance in a walk under its eye.  One of our favourite books that we read to the kids is “I Took the Moon for a Walk”.  I’m sure we’ve read this hundreds of times; the moon becomes a faithful companion in this delightful story.

I thought about that the other day, as the moon stared through our window.  I realized it was September 23, a day that has always been imprinted on my heart, since my first husband died on that day, twenty-three years ago.  He is the father of my children, and we were married for almost nineteen years.

He and I too stared at that September moon, that late summer before he died and pondered the eternity that awaited him, that awaits all of us.

I think of the gifts of those conversations, and even the sadnesses of my life, and what that has brought me.

I’ve sat, just recently, with people in that thin place of being here, yet so close to their heavenly home.  And we talk about what that looks like, feels like. 

I’ve comforted those who are grieving, and I understand a depth of grief as well. 

As I stared at the moon these past nights, I wrote this poem:

Full moon
September moon
Peering through my window
reminding me of Septembers past
the ancient moon
living, moving,
faithful presence.
Do you hold secrets, moon?
As you hang and float and peer
through my window?
You’ve lit a million skies
And many
Have pondered your mystery.
I think of shared moments 
under the moon,
memories never forgotten. 
Oh moon, you evoke
such emotion in me, 
as you peer through 
My window.

Thank you O Creator for the gift of the moon.

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