I’ve been turning the pages… on my calendars that is, and am I the only one surprised that we are entering the 4th quarter of 2018?

Leaves are turning too…. in a hurry this year, it seems to me.  Tonight I scrambled to get the last of my tomatoes in before a forecasted frost which seems rather early to me.

My hubby watches that forecast carefully, trying to get his outside painting jobs completed before winter. And we are hoping the roof we badly need redone will get done too… we look to the skies to cooperate!

I’m sitting here cozy with my cup of tea, contemplating what I should write this week.  It’s random thoughts this blog, I’m afraid… conversational style!

Thanksgiving in Canada is only days away, and I’ve been thinking of what I’m grateful for. I’m excited that my new journal is finally at the printers after hours of work. I’ll be sharing more about that soon!

I’m grateful September is done… sometimes it feels like a month to survive… do you have months like that?  There are memories that invoke melancholy thoughts, and the intensity of start-ups of all sorts of committees and commitments. There is the garden that seems to need extra attention, and of course I tend to want to preserve tomatoes, plums, and bring in those greens. It is a month of busyness!

Perhaps too there is that desire to hang on to summer… to eek out every ounce of warm sunshine and take pleasure in being outside before the darkness of fall takes our light away.

Besides sorting tomatoes, I’ve been sorting out priorities. What is important?  Where do I want to spend my time this coming season?  Am I scheduling time for quiet, for reflection and prayer, for self care? I want to make time for friends and family, those moments to enjoy relationship.

One of the activities I’ve enjoyed most this year is creating a bullet journal… I have two pages for each week and start afresh each Saturday planning for the week ahead. There are my scheduled events, a menu plan, a record of the steps I’ve walked each day, and a verse for the week to focus on.  I have a to-do list too, and when I’m done here, I’ll check off that my blog for this week is complete. Don’t you love check marks?  I doodle, I use stickers… great fun…and I’ll paste in a picture or two, if I’m in the mood. I find it keeps me on track, in a creative sort of way.

I’m thankful for the life I live, for wonderful friends, for precious family, for abundance. I’m thankful for words… the ability to articulate, to speak, to write, to share. I’m thankful for faith, and hope, and love. I’m thankful for you.

So thank you for dropping by… and as always I love to hear from you, whether it is a comment here or on Facebook or a note by email. It makes it more conversational don’t you think?

With a grateful heart, in this Thanksgiving season.

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