Over the last few months I have been pondering words to live by.  Actually words have become a bit of a theme for me – I love doodling them, dwelling on them, and being encouraged by them.

There is power in words!  Words can bring healing, hope, encouragement.  Or they can tear down.

I was excited to put twelve of these words into my new devotional journal, which is available now.  This project is dedicated to the beautiful women I meet with each month who live with cancer, and each month we talk about a word to encourage us.

But these words are for everyone. 

I thought I would share a little excerpt from one of the words in the devotional journal, in this week’s blog.

In our busy world rest can be seen as a luxury,
but truly, it is a necessity.
God teaches us to rest, giving us the first example as the Creator rested after creating the Earth.
How do we quiet our hearts, our bodies, and our souls?
As we still ourselves, practice deep breathing, take in beauty around us, we can begin to relax.
Our blood pressure goes down.  

Find rest, Oh my soul,
that I may be nourished in You!

Breath prayers:

Jesus, I relax into your loving arms, let me rest there awhile.

Let me be quiet with You, Lord, in You I trust.

Yahweh, I am here.  Yahweh, You are here.

Each chapter has a number of scripture verses to go with the word, some breath prayers, which are simply taking a simple sentence prayer and incorporating it with your breathing.  It helps us to slow down and focus on prayer. 

If you are interested in buying a devotional journal, they are now available on the website:  www.gracewulff.com

I’m hosting an open house this weekend  in Vernon, (Nov 2-3)  if you live close by, connect with me and I’ll send you the details.  Besides the new journals, my other books, calendars, cards etc. will be available.  And some of the funds will go to the Chaplaincy Program at VJH.

Praying you find rest in your day, your week.

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