Joy is the next step on this advent journey, the weeks slipping by in this season of parties, concerts, gatherings and preparation.

We sang about joy yesterday and it was very clear to me that JOY is not the outward emotion of happiness, but something much deeper, that comes out of gratitude for all we are given.

If you’ve been following along in this little series, I’ve been working on an acrostic for each week.  JOY is very short! 

The old acrostic I grew up with a child was this:
Jesus first
Others second
Yourself last.

I’ve had to rethink that… in the “helping” world that I and many of my friends are, putting others first can have some drawbacks.  Indeed, we need to look at taking care of ourselves to fully serve others.

Joy has everything to do with gratitude.  When we live thankful lives, Joy just bubbles out of gratefulness.

And there is much to be grateful for.  Faith and hope.  Love.  Shelter and food in abundance.  Beauty all around.  The laughter of children.  The list is endless. 

But I’m limited to three letters so here goes!  🙂

Joy is Jubilant, and yes, it is about my friend Jesus, the reason for Christmas. 
Omnipotent describes this gift of Christmas, God with unlimited power, able to do anything!
Yielding to the God of hope and peace, with trust.  Mary choose to do that, yielding to the miracle of Life within her, trusting in God’s plan for her.

How would you describe Joy? 

It is a beautiful gift, in the season of Advent.  It is promised to us… Joy will come, as sure as the day follows the night.  Joy to the World, the Lord has come… Joy is Emmanuel, God present with us.

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