There is a comfort in rhythm.

A steadiness, predictability, even tidiness to ones life. 
There are some who live like this most of their lives, cheerful plodders, some might even acuse them of being in a rut. 
Change comes and rhythms change. Sudden, like an earthquake or similar shakeup,
or subtle, an unsettling of the mind. 
I’m seeing this as an invitation to step back, to re-evaluate, to ponder. 
We all face these junctions in our lives, often triggered by .a holy discontent. 
So should I keep blogging on Tuesdays?  It is one of a few questions I’m asking these days.   I’ve stepped out of that rhythm to examine it. I’ve long believed that there are seasons in life…and those seasons change. 
I also believe we are called,  and for me writing and ministry have always been part of the fabric of my life. We all have a calling. But the expression of that calling can shift and change. 
In the ebb and flow of life, we learn in the ebbs. We learn from the push and pull, the pain and the beauty. The discomfort of it all draws us to the One who made us, with our questions and our praise. 
I’ve taken a few weeks to rest. We all need that!  I’ve given myself permission to step out of rhythm and write more sporadically. 
Wherever you may be, may we all experience peace in this passage of life, in the dissonance and the melody… in the rhythm and the rest. 

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