I don’t normally blog about my birthday, but it was on my mind this week… this getting older business.  Really, it is a blessing.  I was given another year. 

It gives pause to take inventory, evaluate, be grateful and just ponder.  I used to think 60 was old… not anymore!  Although my grandchildren seem to think I’m ancient, and I just find that funny. 

Certainly my mind is more active than ever, even though my body protests a lot.  Part of my evaluation has to find ways to get along with my body.  We have a challenging relationship at times! 

I’m coming to this daily realization – today is a gift.  Am I thankful this gift?

So on my birthday I wrote a little list for myself, to celebrate life.

Thoughts on turning 61:

God is my Provider.
God loves me as I am. 
I AM stronger than I think (or feel at times!)
I can rely on God’s power to see me through.
I want to live my life, this year, this decade in
    not anxiety.
I embrace my age and am thankful
  for all God has done for me.

What would your list look like?

I choose a Scripture verse for each week and last week this was my verse:
“Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.”  Eph 6:10.

And then we went to our dear friends for supper and what word did she have on the table for this special day?  “Stronger”, printed on a rock.  I loved it…

I think it is awesome when God puts little reminders on our path, reminding us that He is with us, that we are not alone, that we have all we need for this sometimes messy journey we call life.

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