You know those first moments when you wake up and everything comes into focus… you think about what day it is, and what it holds. 

I’m very slow to wake up in the morning.  I’ve learned to be ok with that, to take my time.  I love gazing out my bedroom window, sipping my coffee, and to be quite honest, I’m probably still somewhat half asleep. We’ve made it a practice to listen to scripture, or read a devotional thought, to say a prayer.  It is a good way to start the day.

Consciousness is to be aware.   Awake. 

Sometimes this works against you.  I recently had to get up and speak in front of quite a few people, just for a minute.  I felt self-conscious.  Beforehand anyway.  Some people shine in the limelight; for me, it takes courage.  I’ve learned I can do it, and I was thankful for the words whispered in my ear that morning “Just show up.”

One of the wonderful gifts of aging and maturing is that we become more comfortable in our own skin.  I can be who I am, thankful for another day.  I am not perfect, but I am loved.  We all are. 

Consciousness is noticing.  We had a early morning drive today, dropping off our daughter at the airport.  The world was waking up, the sun shafting light through clouds, creating shadows on the lake.  The balsam daisies were in bloom, everywhere.  Tree blossoms had burst in some of the orchards, so beautiful.  On the way home, a blanket of cloud rested on Swan Lake.  So picturesque.   We live in a very beautiful world. 

This beauty draws me to the Creator.  As I thought of consciousness, God-consciousness came to mind.  Do we see God – in beauty all around us?  I am learning to sit, to notice, and just soak it in. 

One of my breath prayers lately has been:  “I am here.  God, You are here.”  And we can be together.  I need to notice this, to draw my attention to the One who is with me, who has promised to never leave or forsake me.  (Deuteronomy 31:6). 

In the midst of a full life, where I can be distracted by many things, it is good to practice God-consciousness.  To slow down and notice, taking a deep breath.

God is as near as our breath.

We are loved.

I am awake to the presence of the Creator.

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