The sky is the limit.

Or, it might be more accurate to say, the sky is limitless. 

I love the sky, the artistic hand of God, a fresh canvas every day, often every hour.

On my early morning walk I enjoyed clear skies today.

A plane buzzed overhead, small yet visible, and I wondered what the pilot could see. 

Some years ago we listed to an amazing video about the vastness of the universe; how small our planet and home is compared to endless galaxies.  It is really beyond our imagination. 

In contrast when you think about micro-organisms, even the small bugs and life we can’t see which make up our earth, it is mind-boggling.  When you think about the complexity of our bodies, with all it’s cells and parts, I am awestruck. 

This morning I sat with a woman who is close to heaven.  The air in the room was sacred, it felt we were close to a veil that separated us from eternity.  These are holy moments, these good-byes, as children say good-bye to a mother whose life was well lived, whose love permeates the room.

I don’t fully understand.  But I do know that God is there, and gives us the promise of forever.  When I look at the sky I wonder… where is heaven beyond that beautiful blue?  Sometimes, I think, it might be closer than we realize.

I’ve come to believe that as much as I don’t know, I have become certain of a few things.  I believe that God is present.  Our Creator is much closer than we think.  And in this time of year, when flowers are riots of beauty, the trees raising their leafy hands toward heaven in praise, the birds singing with all their little beings, I see God everywhere.

I see God’s hand in the ever-changing sky, a paintbrush of whites and greys and blues, ever changing. 

stormy skies over Vernon BC
amazing cloud formations, June 3
Ode to the sky
you are my covering
an ever-changing
ceiling of beauty
of storms filled with rain
riotous thunder
flashes of lightning.
And seas of blue – 
The clouds tell stories
some still, 
cushioning who knows what
others scurrying across the sky
in a hurry
crossing themselves with
jet streams.
You speak to me of
a vastness beyond my imagination
and even though I feel small
under your presence
I know,
yes, I know
that I am seen
by the One who Created it all
even me.
gw.  2019

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