Tuesdays are often a catch-up day for me.  I write, I catch up on errands, and there is always a list of what I should do…

Today I worked on a message I will be giving on Sunday… I’m thinking, it might be good content for next week’s blog!

And then, I had salads on my mind.  On hot weeks, like this one, I like to make a variety of salads we can just help ourselves to at meal time.  I had five salads in mind… three were made, another one part-way.  There is always tomorrow!

There have been days where I’ve aspired to be a food blogger – but I never have enough time or energy for the kitchen.  (and I have a lot to learn!)  That being said, I love to create healthy food, and enjoy reading other people’s recipes and ideas.

I’ve been teased, I’m happiest when reading a recipe book with a cup of tea… and certainly that is always enjoyable.

Food is nourishment.

So I was motivated to do some  pre-prep this week… Sunday I made a slow-cooker full of black beans, because I wanted organic and buying it in cans (which I often do) seemed expensive.  Really, it doesn’t take much time… I soaked the organic beans overnight, rinsed them well and set them to cook all day in my slow-cooker.  By the end of the day I had six containers full for salads or whatever…

Food can conjure up memories.  Potato salad is one of our favourites, and it always makes me think of my mom and how she made hers.  Buttermilk mixed with mayonnaise was the way to go.  Lots of eggs and sliced potatoes, and always radishes.  To this day I love radishes in my potato salad, and was glad I had some in my fridge.

Another recipe always makes me think of my son.  Some years ago I headed to Vancouver where he was living at the time to attend a conference, and he made this delicious soba chicken salad for me.  I still remember the little chinese like take-out containers we put the salad into and headed to the beach to eat it.  It is one of my favourite memories.  And I make the salad to this day.

The soba noodles are buckwheat which I can eat and it has a lovely mixture of carrot and basil and a lovely sauce.  The original recipe called for a chicken breast cooked with a bay leaf, today I just chopped up a barbequed breast my hubby cooked last night… I think it will do.

My new salad to go is a beet salad, unheard of in my growing up days, but what a delightful way to eat beets!  You just cook the beets until barely tender, then cool and chop into cubes.  I add the juice of a lime (my latest favourite salad flavouring), some salt and pepper and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.  Add some feta cheese and mix together… quite yummy.  I decided to add a little maple syrup, which was tasty, but I think I’ll try balsamic vinegar next time.

I also tried a kale/quinoa salad last week, which is half prepared now.  Kale always reminds me of my wonderful younger friend who taught me to “massage” kale.  How we laughed about that.  So I chop my kale and put in some beautiful flavoured olive oil and rub it in for about 30 seconds, creating a softer, bright green leaf mixture.  Add some cooked quinoa, and a lovely dressing and it is a wonderful summer time salad.

So… this blog has turned into a conversation about food.  Hope you don’t mind, and that you will be as inspired as I’ve been lately to create healthy food for hot busy days.  What is your favourite summer salad?  I’d love to hear about it!

Every week I create a menu plan for the week in my bullet journal.  Sometimes I follow the plan, and sometimes I don’t… life happens.  I also pick a verse for every week… food for the soul.

This week my verse is this one:  “I will sing to the LORD as long as I live.  I will sing praise to my God while I have being.  May my meditation be pleasing to Him, for I rejoice in the Lord. ”  Psalm 104:34

Food for the body, food for the soul.  I’m so thankful for the abundance we have and the creativity to prepare wholesome meals.  We are truly blessed.

bean salad, a new recipe, so excited to include our first zucchini from the garden!

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