There are so many good things about summer and a question I often hear is this… what are your plans for the summertime?

We joke, my hubby and I, that we don’t make plans because there is so much planned already, we just join in to what is happening!

We also agree we are blessed to live in paradise; we might not have a lake view, but we can walk to one within minutes.  There is beauty all around us.

This photo taken this past week on our neighbourhood walk.  The lake is in the distance.

I took some time away from work to just enjoy the season, to savor this time of year.  The garden calls me, and I love watching how things grow and flourish.  I agonize over the bugs, and rejoice in the blossoms.  Each new vegetable picked is a delight.

This year’s garden… already eating a lot of kale and zucchini.  Grateful to Dan who helps me to tend my garden. 

I’m particularly thrilled that I have dahlias ready to bloom, the last few years I planted them, I got one or two flowers in October.  But this year’s plants hold promise for summer bouquets.

I’ve made a plan – to create a bouquet every week from my garden if possible.  I’ve had three weeks already – roses and lavender, and beautiful gerbera daisies on my front porch.  And if the garden doesn’t produce, there is always the farmer’s market, or even a road-side stand this time of year.  This is food for the soul! 

We want to take in music – and we have done just that in this last week – enjoying an amazing local opera at our local Performing Arts Center.  Tonight we’ll change it up a bit and go to a Gospel Bluegrass outdoor concert on the grounds of our church. 

Which will include a BBQ, always a great summer pastime.  Eating outside is a wonderful summertime pleasure.  We’ve had several great meals at local pubs on their patios.  On Father’s Day, we even happened on some outdoor entertainment while we ate, it was delightful.

We are blessed to have access to wonderful music – much of it free – in outdoor venues around our city.  We have beautiful parks for picnics.  One of my favourite things to do is walk along the Rail Trail, along Kalamalka Lake and Wood Lake.  Along Wood Lake they have even created some lovely picnic areas which we would like to try out soon.

And then there are the fruits in season… right now we can’t get enough of raspberries and are so blessed to have them grow in our yard.  Blackberries are forming and won’t be far behind.  My dad is coming soon for his annual cherry trip and we don’t have far to go to pick buckets of cherries to enjoy. 

Summers are to be savoured, I reckon.  I want to take time to read my book on the deck, to listen to the fountain, and be aware of the butterflies fluttering by. 

So I’ll keep this short… Here’s to summer!

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