I have memories of putting out the laundry.  My clothes line was full of diapers, thirty some years ago, week after week.  I actually enjoyed this task; and I miss being able to use a clothesline.

In fact our subdivision, as I believe many, frown on filling our back yards with drying clothes.  I am hoping this will change, because there is nothing like fresh laundered sheets, hanging to dry in the sunshine.  It saves energy, and just makes sense.

But in our time-saving world, it seems to be a thing of the past.

This little doodle was part of a colouring calendar I created a couple of years ago…
Sometimes laundry isn’t just about clothes.  
Social media has become a place to hang out emotional laundry, and frankly, sometimes it isn’t pretty.
Recently I read a post where someone was upset with another for the way their child was treated.  There was far too much information, and it made me sad.
Some things are meant to be worked out privately, and it is my belief Facebook should never be a platform for a pity party.
Social Media is very helpful when you are looking for information, and I love the encouragement I find in many places.  There are blogs that make me think, and I’m grateful for links to news when I desire to know what is going on.  I love seeing pictures of family and friends, or updates on their lives.  
Put-downs, public criticism, negativity should be banned, but it seems like free speech is peppered with coloured words that are not always helpful or beneficial. 
But just like we didn’t hang our underwear out on the laundry line in yesteryear (well, maybe some did!), I think it is wise to think before we post.  It is a good reminder for me!  
Just putting it out there!  (along with my laundry). 

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