One of my favourite pictures I took this past week was of this giant sunflower in my yard and two bees. 

The bee buzzing around the flower was busy, and it was fun to capture it’s landing.  The other bee is hard to see.  He – or she? – is embedded into the flower, perhaps drunk from pollen.  It was a huge bee, and very still, although very much alive. 

This reminded me of the contrast of my own life – and how I try to find balance between these two worlds… to be still and rest, in balance with a busy life.  Busy as a bee is a good picture of that.

As we enter into September, it can feel like a gallop, with new beginnings everywhere.  And yet we long to linger into the waning summer, and just rest there.

The challenge for me is to find a healthy rhythm.  One of the best things I have done in recent years is to spend time with a creative journal and planner.  I map out my month, and either panic :-), or see places where I can set aside for rest, in the midst of a productive and meaningful life.

Lately I’ve taken to napping, which I always thought was for older folks and babies.  Hey wait a minute , , ,  yes, I know . . . I’m getting there.  A nap rejuvenates in the midst of a busy day. 

I love the verse “Be Still and Know that I am God.”  It was a verse that changed my life a few years back, when I realized that God was much more concerned with my “being” than my “doing”. 

More so, I was loved as I was, not for what I did, or accomplished.

It is always good to remember that.  And with that there is balance.  We are also encouraged to be diligent, to work, to be faithful.  There are two sides to the coin, so to speak. 

When I am still, and spend time in spiritual reflection, it gives me energy and courage to face the day. 

So to be…

Bee joyful.

Be thankful. 

Be still. 


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