I’m not sure if it was the intense thunder storm or the persistent rain of yesterday that brought my dahlia plant down, but there it was, lying on the ground yesterday.

I was somewhat dismayed because I have enjoyed these flowers this summer. I have not had success in growing them in recent years, but this year the blooms have provided beauty in the garden and lovely bouquets that have graced my table for weeks.

On closer inspection, there were lots of flowers still intact, and the plant was still connected, even if badly bent and weighed by rain.

So I went on a salvage mission and picked as many as I could.

Dahlias, like many flowers are amazing intricate works of art. When I absorb this fact, and take time to enjoy them, I am awed by their beauty and the incredible creativity of the Creator. 
Yes, these blooms will fade, and I am reminded of our own fragility: in this earthly life our bodies will diminish and fail. 
Yet, beauty lasts forever.  Our souls are eternal. 
We need to capture that, even as I captured this picture which will last, even though this blooms won’t. In the midst of brokenness and struggle, we are loved by an eternal God who sees a far bigger picture. 
And that beauty will last forever. 

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