Some people love playing with numbers.

I, like others, like to play with words.

My mind went into overdrive thinking about the word over, often overused, in my estimation. 

It is a prefix to many words; meaning a multitude of different things.  It is no wonder those trying to learn the English language find it so overwhelming. 

I got stuck on that word, overwhelm, because I hear it often.  One dictionary meaning describes it as overcome. 

Now overcome can go either way… there is a positive meaning where we overcome obstacles, scripture talks about overcoming evil with good. 

The negative side is when we are overcome or overwhelmed by pressures, difficulties, and when life seems insurmountable.  (another great word). 

“Whelm” is a verb we don’t often use; in the past tense, which means to engulf, submerge or bury.  You add “over” to it and it becomes “over the top”.   

Are you tired?  Are you weary?  Are you overwhelmed? 

For many this time of year can feel that way as we enter into many new activities, and many of us are not ready to relinquish the lazier days of summer.  In fact if you are like me, you wonder where summer went, and it certainly did not feel that lazy. 

When I feel saturated with life and commitments, I know I need to pay attention and find time to breathe.  This is an ongoing challenge. 

Creating art is one way I create space to slow down and rest, even as I contemplate the words I’m drawing.  So here is this week’s drawing, and a reminder – we can be overcomers! 

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