I am blessed with some amazing friends. 

As I completed the little book called Encouragement for the Grieving Heart, I asked some of them to help me to edit it. They caught things I had missed.

I was grateful to the staff at Wayside Press who listened to my endless questions and helped me get it just right before going to print.
And I am very grateful for a group of friends who have poured their energy and enthusiasm into launching this project.
This 46 page little book is designed to be easy to read, to encourage those who are grieving, to bring hope to those who mourn.
It is also designed to help others understand, and perhaps use as a resource for those in their lives who are grieving.
It fits into a large size envelope, making it perfect for sending in the mail, or dropping off for a friend.
I’m thrilled to offer it as a resource and encouragement.
The book launch of this project is Tuesday, November 12, in Vernon. It will be at Nadine’s Fine Art and Frames from 7 – 8:30 pm. Nadine has also become a friend, and I’m thankful for her hospitality.
If you can’t make it or live elsewhere, books are available on the website at www.gracewulff.com.
Again, I am grateful for wonderful friends who believe in me and the message of these words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Encouragement for the Grieving Heart Book Cover



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