I wrote the following blog nine years ago, in 2011. It was in the months following my heart attack, a challenging time for me. My mom was still with us, and my dear friend Dene was an inspiration to me. Here are my thoughts which still ring true today  

There is a repaired angel sitting on my desk; recovering from a nasty fall, where she broke in a number of places.  My dear hubby was the cause of this unfortunate accident, and felt so bad, because he knows what this little figurine means to me – she is the symbol of “Courage” which I wrote about some blogs ago.  But tumble she did, and Steve suggested I write about it, thought it was fodder for my imagination.

  To further inspire me, he left the quote sung by Dolly Parton: “She’s a sparrow when she’s broken, but she’s an eagle when she flies”.  Good words… and it got me to thinking.  Sometimes my thinking can get out of hand, as when I can’t sleep at three in the morning, and my mind just goes…

   But the truth of it is, there is something to brokenness.  It seems that those who have been through deep struggles, and have been broken, so to speak, can learn deep lessons that would not be learned if life was an easy road.

  I was reminded of the copied status on Facebook that is making the rounds – the one about those with chronic illness, depression, pain, the unseen illnesses; that we need to  recognize that just because a person looks fine, it is not necessarily so.

  I also thought of those who are near and dear to me – like my mom, who has borne the illness of Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia for over ten years, and how she holds her head up high, and dresses like a queen, and bears her infirmities with dignity.  Her brokenness is known to us close to her, but she is not one to feel sorry for herself, hardly so… in fact this past week she was caring for a friend a few years older than her, her own pain set aside.

  My friend Dene is like that too… I love it how she shows up to church, decked to the nines, this week with the most amazing jaunty red hat, looking stunning as usual, in spite of her breathing difficulties.  How often has she reached out to me and helped me with her amazing medical knowledge, or been willing to do research for me on a drug or condition I didn’t understand.  Even more so, I value her prayers, and know she prays for me, and many, many others, putting her own cares aside.

   And there are others… many others… like my friend Amy*, who bears her illness with grace, and continues to serve her family, and her church family with cheerfulness and a terrific sense of humor.  Amy*, you inspire me!  For Judy*, who organizes birthday luncheons for friends, just weeks after brain surgery.  Amazing!

  So my little broken angel, named “Courage” – she is now glued together, thanks to my hubby, and continues to inspire – and remind me of those around me that show grace and courage in the midst of great adversity.  They are truly an inspiration.

*some names have been changed for privacy.

The angel named Courage still sits on my mantle today, in 2020, a reminder of where I’ve come from, as I see God’s faithfulness in my life. And continue to pray that enCouragement for others. 

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