Julian of Norwich lived in the 1300’s and has become known for this phrase, this way of thinking:  All will be well.

I read a biography about this unusual woman some months ago and was taken with her story. She knew great suffering. She lived through the Black Plague and undoubtedly lost family members. As a young woman, near death herself she experienced visions of Christ and his suffering on the cross.

She ended up going into isolation for the rest of her life, devoted to prayer. She wrote, with quill and ink, a book about what God was showing her.

One of the profound lessons she learned is that God is not a vengeful punishing God and the source of suffering as many believed, thinking their sins had caused such punishment.  No, God is a God of love Who enters into our suffering, Who longs to be present with us. And with that assurance, Julian could say “All will be well”.

We are living in a time of fear.  People react in many ways, some in denial, others hoarding, others helping. We look to leaders for calm, for direction. We are driven to pray which is a good thing.

So today, at this moment, I am reminded that “All will be well”.  God is with us.

Today we pray:

Lord, have mercy. Be with our leaders, our medical officers, those making major decisions that affect us all. We pray for wisdom, clarity and calm.
We pray for all those who work in hospitals, the nurses, the lab technicians, the housekeepers, the social workers, the paramedics, the doctors.  Give them strength, endurance and protection.
We pray for all those in care homes and other places of care. We pray for the staff who care for them, for families who can’t visit right now.
We pray for all those who are vulnerable, isolated, lonely. We pray for those with limited resources.  We pray for all the helpers.
We pray for churches and places of worship, forced to close their doors for now, for wisdom to serve their communities creatively.
We are thankful.  For gifts of courage, hope, love and eternal life.

“All will be well”.

All will be Well.

All will Be Well.

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