Rise Up.

Two words that have stuck with me this week, also inspired by the remembrance of Ascension Day which was this last Thursday.  I receive much comfort that while Jesus ascended to heaven after resurrection, he promises to never leave us.  The comfort of God’s presence is a daily source of strength.

Here is the poem for today, number 3 of Poems for a Pandemic.

Rise up

Rise up.
Press on.
Keep going.
Words for the weary
of spirit
for those who face
the unknown,
which has me and maybe you
unhinged at times.
Facing the future
making decisions
in the face of
ever-changing landscapes.
Rules change.
Facts shift.
Opinions vary.
Safety seems uncertain at best.
Grace under pressure.
I’ve always laughed
at that statement.
I’d like to put my mask on
and tell you, I’m very fine.
mostly, that is true . . .
and yet I,
and perhaps we,
dust myself off
let off some steam
vent with kind
like-minded souls.
We remember our faith
our commitment to hope
to kindness
and we rise up,
we press on
and we keep going,
accepting what is
and filled with
gratitude, for all things
-grace Wulff 2020
Poems for a Pandemic
Rise Up

Rise Up, Press On, Keep Going

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