Can I catch my breath – while others can’t breathe?

Another poem/prose blog, sharing my heart in these troubled times.  For many it has been a horrific week, as we watch the heartache of the news, the anger, the uprising, the riots, the deep grief. Doing nothing is not an option anymore.

For others, their suffering exposed, and perhaps we are listening better, and paying attention.  We ache for those who suffer, for those whose life is not fair.

And for all the helpers, those who are on the front-lines, those police women and men who are gentle caring folk and this has all been as abborhent to them as anyone. I applaud them for all they do to keep us safe.

For our broken world, I pray for peace.  I pray for love, and understanding.  I pray our eyes are open to truth.  I drew this tonight in sharing my heart – sometimes we just want to wrap long arms around all those who hurt, and take the pain away.

Love One another

holding each other in love – art by Grace








Can I catch my Breath?
I take the luxury
 of a deep breath
words passing from my consciousness
to my screen
and perhaps onto yours
asking questions
that need to be asked
why can I breathe
so freely
me in my white privileged
while others
tread carefully
not ever knowing
when their safety
will be challenged
or jeopardized,
oh really
I don’t know
Because I have not experienced
being followed in a grocery store
or judged because of colour
i have not known oppression
or the fear, yes, the fear.
All I can do
And must do
Is not to be silent.
These are my brothers and sisters
human as I
and I can't be silent
any more.
But more than my white
privileged voice
I and you are called to listen
Listen to the stories
Hear the pain
Validate the suffering.
Even as I breathe,
I pray they too can breathe
and find healing
for our broken world.

@gracewulff 2020

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