Behind the mask

I wear one,
a mask.

Some sewed lovingly
by friends

Another designed
by me.

Others hospital grade
worn by

We are getting
in this
covering up.

What do my eyes

Is it compassion
or fear?

In the unknowns
the uncertainties

I choose to wear
a mask.
Not to hide.
Not to make a statement.
Not because it is comfortable.
(It is not).

I wear one
motivated by love,
respect for others
who need protection.

I’m weary of the debate,
of the conversation,
Yes, even weary of this mask,
but more weary of the virus.

In the midst
of waiting we can choose
to live
to love
to continue making choices

Behind the mask
Can I be transparent
thoughtful yet deliberate?

Listening and loving
Holding sorrow and joy

Behind the mask.

Grace Wulff July 2020

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

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