We took a few days, my hubby and I to visit my childhood town, namely Harrison Hot Springs.

It always feels like coming home, and I feel the rhythms of the lake, the familiarity of the hills and mountains, even the smell of the air.  We walk by the post office, my first job, and take a walk to the hot springs source, a walk I took many times as a child.

Hot springs source

Hot Springs source

i dipped my fingers in the water, it was bath-tub warm, we smelled the sulphur, another strong memory.

My hubby had fun taking pictures of me taking pictures.

Photos of Harrison

Photos of Harrison, pic by Steve Wulff

We drove out To Greenpoint, a beautiful picnic park along Harrison Lake, again bringing memories of family gatherings, church picnics and youth group camp fires which almost always included a rendition of Kumbaya.
We travelled further down the gravel road to Hicks Lake where I have many memories of canoeing and huckleberry picking in what we affectionately refer to as my “first life”.

Part of any memory trip includes driving by the home I grew up in on the yard of the church where my dad pastored for 12 years.  I still feel a lot of sadness that this church, the only one in Harrison is now closed.

Greenpoint Beach

Greenpoint Beach Photo by Steve

It is easy to romanticize memories and there is also a nostalgic bittersweetness to some.  I come away grateful for some, thankful for the beauty in my life and the lessons I have learned along the way. There is wisdom with living.

Last night we had fun taking pictures of the pier as the night sky descended. There was romance in the air.  On the eve of our 22 wedding anniversary I’m so thankful to God who is a God of second chances, who took my story, the good things, the sad things, and created something beautiful.

Harrison pier

Harrison pier

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