We are entering a long weekend where I live, in holiday land.  Coming home from work today, I could scarcely drive for the traffic. So many people, all going somewhere, creating summer memories.

Last weekend, as I wrote about, we went back in time and visited some of my old haunts in Harrison Hot Springs.  I wrote the following poem, as I remembered.  I’m thinking, some of you might relate.

The art below says it well: Live, Love, Laugh.  Good memory making ingredients.  And Dr. Bonnie Henry would add, Be calm. Be kind, Be safe.

Looking for Memories (A look back)  

It’s like climbing back
into the dusty recesses
of my brain

Pulling back the curtains
spurred on by some
familiar scene
A smell
or a place so familiar

it brings you back
To feelings long forgotten

the longings of a child
the dreams of a teenager

and when did I become
an old woman
peering at my younger self.

The threads of life
woven into being
I shake off the dust
And see glimmers of hope
sparkling in the air

The dance of my life
Celebrating what I’ve become

sometimes bathed in tears
But always, always
wrapped in love,

Grace Wulff
July 26 2020

Live, Love, Laugh.

Live, Love, Laugh.

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