Out of Focus

I often take pictures or create art to illustrate what I write.
More often I take pictures for pleasure capturing what I see.
Sometimes those pictures speak to me, like the one I took on a walk this last week.

The shaft of sunlight seemed to beam upon walkers in the distance, and I was reminded how often I ask God to illumine my path.  That thought inspired this breath prayer.

Light on my Path

Light on my Path

Another picture that grabbed my attention from a previous walk was this photo of weeds.  I had been trying to catch a photo of a cow, but in playing with my focus, the emphasis ended up on the weeds.  I actually think it is pretty cool.

Out of focus

Out of focus

How does this photo speak to you?  I’ve done those kind of exercises, at retreats, where we ponder a image and reflect what it might be saying to us.

Here were a few thoughts that came to my mind.

We can’t see clearly, our future is unknown. Out of focus.  We can plan but we can’t predict.
I can focus on barriers.  Restrictions.
I miss the beauty that is before me, thinking about what I long for.

I can change the focus to what is now, what is beautiful.

These are lessons for me in a time of Covid.  Instead of focusing on restrictions, barriers, or longing for what is out of reach (life back to normal, as I might remember it), I can look for beauty in front of me and around me.   I can focus on gratefulness, kindness, gifts of the day.

A photo is worth 1000 words they say.  I’m close to 300, but that’s OK.

Curious what the cows were thinking.

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