An invitation
to be still.
My body. that is.
   My senses, however, are alive
   as I watch
   and look
   and pay attention.
Not only to what swirls around me . . .
the clouds
the deep blue sky
the droop of the tired sunflower.
   No, I also feel the body tension:
   the tight shoulders,
   the heart-ache
   as I’ve absorbed
   grief and sadness and despair
   fear and confusion
   just this last week.
This, amidst joy and celebration
and other good things.
   It is good to be quiet.
   To watch, to listen, to smell, to feel.
   To observe what is around me,
   to listen to what is within me.
In this moment . . .
this quiet moment
of observation
and reflection,
I stop.
   I breathe.
   Deep breaths soaked in love,
   filled with courage.
   Because deep in this heart
   there is a knowing
   that I am not alone.

Grace Wulff September 2020

Sunflower drooping
by Grace Wulff


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