For the second year in a row, I’m marking the first of October by a visit to our local pumpkin patch, which also has a wonderful array of squash.  I can taste the soup already, and if you haven’t had butternut squash soup, smooth and creamy with coconut milk, you are missing out on a lovely taste treat.

The weather this morning was spectacular, and as fun as it was to pick my pumpkins and squash, I enjoyed capturing the beauty on my iphone camera.

Ode to October

pumpkin patch October 1 2020

rows of squash

rows of squash
Armstrong Pumpkin Patch

Ode to October

Ode to October
Armstrong Pumpkin Patch

I read somewhere yesterday that we are in the middle of the “ber” months which can translate into brrr after a while!  I am so thankful this year for sunny warm weather, soaking in the outdoors while it is still nice.  Even my tomatoes are still happy, albeit slower in ripening, but I’ll leave them as long as I can with one eye on the frost warnings.

I wrote this little poem, one of my favourites – I hope it is ok to have favourites of things you write.  So I post it again to mark this first day of October.  And while I am on remembering, it is my brother’s birthday on this October 1st; I remember well that day of joy in having a little brother join our family.  Happy Birthday, Randy!

Ode to October:  

The early morning October sun
Shone brilliantly

Into my dust
Which danced
And whispered guilt

But I turned away.

I rather held on to fleeting sunbeams
Cooled down by October skies

And savoured the brilliance of a deep blue sky
Punctured by clouds

And dust
And spiders webs glinting in the sun
And leaves gathering,
Broken on my lawn

Call me to action

Yet, I want to
And savour

Life always calls
Work never done
Yet this moment

I cherish.

– Grace Wulff

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